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About Dinner Market
Dinner Market began as part of a franchise in Salt Lake City, but after a short time we became an independent store, able to respond to the needs of our local customers.  At Dinner Market you'll find fabulous food with a menu of 15 entrees that changes every month providing lots of flavor and plenty of variety!

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Order your meals, we'll prepare them, then come pick them up or we'll deliver the ready-to-cook meals right to you!

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Family & Food
Resources to help you simplify your life in the kitchen and at the table.

Dinner To The Table Gets Even Easier!

Dinner Market was achieving it’s goal to make dinner easier for busy people but after some time, we figured out that we could help our customers even more.  We could save them the two hours they spent assembling meals by doing that part for them, so we began offering that service at no additional cost.  […]

In The Beginning

Dinner Market began as a quest to support busy people with the most challenging part of the day — dinnertime! Originally we set up ingredients in our sparkling clean kitchen so that customers could assemble a dozen or more meals to take home to fill their freezers with options for those days when getting a […]